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20 minute movement and mantra sequences. Lisa Tregenza is your personal Intuitive Yoga Teacher. Join Lisa LIVE 6:30am NZT in the private Facebook Group or access the videos in this membership site.
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Intune Yoga Daily

Membership Library Overview

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    INTUNE YOGA DAILY - LIVE 6:30am weekdays NZST

    • Access the LIVEs in the private Facebook Group, via Zoom or Access the videos in this membership site

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    Week 31: Chest Openers - Courage

    • #mantramonday “I face my fears with courage” Chest Openers

    • Warrior Wednesday

    • Thankful Thursday

    • #funfriday I am worthy of experiencing pleasure and joy”

  • 3

    Week 30: Full Body Focus - Clear Intention and Purpose

    • #mantramonday

    • #tuneintuesday

  • 4

    Week 29

    • #MantraMonday #Week29 #armstrength “I open my heart and receive love” FF - Plank - Side Plank - DD- Wild Thing - DD - Plank - Chaturanga - Locust

    • #WarriorWednesday “Life loves us. Life loves me. I love life” Warrior Flow - WI and Wild Thing This one gets the heart pumping!!

    • #ThankfulThursday “I am grateful for the love around me” Sun Salutations with Wild Thing

    • #funfriday “I am love”

  • 5

    Week 28:

    • #mantramonday #week28 “I move forward with faith” #legstrength

    • #tuneintuesday “I acknowledge where I may be holding back” From shining, moving forward with an area of my life, taking a leap of faith… Easy Seated - Wide Seated FF - Side Stretch - FF - Upward Arm Bind - Skandasana + bind - Wide FF + arm bind - Lunge -

    • #warriorwednesday “I take action towards my goals” Warrior Flow with Skandasana 

    • thankfulthursday “I am grateful for what I have achieved”

    • #funfriday “I celebrate my success”

  • 6

    Week 27: Strong Arms and Core "I am strong in mind and body"

    • #mantramonday 5 July - Seated Twists and Standing Flow "I am strong in mind and body"

    • #tuneintuesday 6 July 2021 - Arm Binds "I allow the flow of giving and receiving"

    • #warriorwednesday 7 July 2021 Warrior Flow with Bound Side Angle "I have the strength to hold my emotions"

    • #thankfulthursday Sun Salutations with Bound Side Angle "I am grateful"

    • #funfriday 9 July "I embrace my gifts"

  • 7

    Week 49: Third Eye - Trust Your Intuition

    • #mantramonday week49 “I trust myself. I trust and honour my intuition”

    • #tuneintuesday “I am connected to my inner knowing”

    • #WellbeingWednesday “My intuition and instincts guide me everyday”

    • #thankfulthursday "I am thankful I am able to expand my awareness" "I trust myself"

    • #FunFriday - week 49 "My mind is open to new vision and perceptions" "I trust myself"

  • 8

    Week 48 - Throat Chakra - Strong Voice

    • #mantramonday week48 “I speak kindness and love into my world.”

    • #TuneinTuesday “I give myself permission to tune into my heart, and to express how I feel.”

    • #WarriorWednesday “I deserve to be heard”

    • #ThankfulThursday week48 Today I count my blessings. Today I voice my gratitude”

    • #FunFriday week48 “I express myself freely and openly”

  • 9

    Week 47 - Heart Centred - Heart Openers

    • #MantraMonday - week 47 - “I let life love me”

    • #TuneinTuesday - week 47 - “I allow my heart to feel fully and deeply”

    • #WarriorWednesday - week 47 "I love and accept myself"

    • #ThankfulThursday - week 47 - “I am grateful for my capacity to love”

    • #FunFriday - week 47 - “Today I follow my bliss”

  • 10

    Week 46 - Solar Plexus - Confidence in Self

    • #MantraMonday - week 46 - "I take responsibility for my actions, thoughts, emotions and feelings"

    • #tuneintuesday week46 “I allow myself to shine” “I am more than enough”

    • #WarriorWednesday - week46 "I assert my boundaries." "It's ok for me to say 'no'"

    • #ThankfulThursday - week46 “I choose kindness for myself and others” Sun Salutations with Runners Lunge with Twist

    • #funfriday - week 46 “Today I follow my bliss” Locust - Bow - Camel - Boat Dancers Pose

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    • Welcome to Your Yoga Journey with Lisa Tregenza

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empowering you to connect to your inner strength

Intune Yoga Daily is a beautiful practise allowing you to connect to your mind, body, heart and soul at a deeper level. Lisa Tregenza guides you through a daily practise with her heart centred approach. Begin the journey of conscious movement to inner peace.


What Intune Tribe Members Love about the Intune Yoga Daily Program

My Back Pain is Gone

Karolyn Timarkos

“MY BACK PAIN IS GONE!!!!! ♥♥♥ THANK YOU!!!!!!! After nearly a week lying on the couch with a bad back, I signed up to Lisa Tregenza’s Intune Yoga Daily online classes (despite having previously done yoga for four years a few years ago and never really enjoying it), and after just five half-hour sessions my back pain is gone … and I'm loving yoga!!! What is it Lisa does different to other yoga teachers I've been to? I think it’s the non-judgemental acceptance that my body is simply not as naturally flexible as others. Plus, the daily mantras are not something I’ve ever encountered with another yoga teacher, and they have been doing wonders for a mental health that’s been battered by 2020. And although my original plan was to grudgingly set the alarm and get out of bed for the 6.30am sessions, and then go back to bed – I’ve found that the energy Lisa’s sessions give me mean I haven’t needed to go back to bed. I haven’t even had a nanna nap for the last four days!!!!” Karolyn Timarkos

My Life Has Changed

Louise Smith

"I cannot recommend highly enough, Lisa and Intune Yoga! I have tried on and off for years to "get into" yoga to no avail. I have discovered Lisa and my life has changed. Inside a week I have had huge personal gains and general overall well-being improvement. I think because we're Kiwi's I feel Lisa relates to our life as it is in NZ, and I can relate to that. Lisa is doing it, therefore I know I can too. Thank you Lisa for listening to the universe when it said "be a yogi"." Louise Smith - member of the Intune Tribe

So Much Stronger

Justine Henare

"Thank you Lisa. I just wanted to say how much stronger my body feels doing this practice so regularly. " Justine Henare - member of the Intune Tribe


empowering you to connect to your inner strength

Our members love the program, and we think you'll love it too! So for your convenience membership continues at $55 monthly after your intro membership ends. Cancel at anytime. T&Cs available via link below.